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Networking People to Resources for Solutions

Relationship Marketing has expanded the ability to truly connect with your audience. Bots may be useful for basic FAQ's but inevitably, a "real person" makes your endeavor feel reachable. When your target market can connect, ask questions, even discuss relevant topics, the audience member feels valued and is more likely to recommend you to their network. Helping you determine the best approach for your unique audiences, at Define Success you'll find a top-notch communications professional, with experience ranging from trips to the North Pole by train to sharing the latest in science and technology, giving me a broad range of knowledge to draw from. Whether you’re looking for specific advice or need all round assistance establishing and growing social media platforms, I work remotely which allows me to travel to be on hand to guide and inform as needed. Contact me to discuss how you define success and let's begin.

My services

I'm called in by businesses when they want help to find the right online marketing approach for their unique audience. My comprehensive range of services means you can rely on and trust me to deliver a suite of effective solutions for your organization, whatever its size.

How I Work

I'm proud of the services I've successfully delivered to a variety of small and medium businesses coast to coast. No matter your business, you will benefit from my expertise, meaning that you get relationships established with your audience. I am a firm believer in collaboration when it comes to working with businesses to ensure that you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively – for me, it’s all about giving you the right social media marketing for continued success.


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